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Cost Savings

Healthcare is very expensive. Most of us don’t know the cost of our care before we “consume” it. Hospitals and doctors are now required to provide general information about the cost of common procedures.

At SCHC, we promise to do our best to explain and investigate the cost of prescriptions, tests, and procedures before you commit yourself to their purchase. We have a specialist on staff who can guide you through the many programs designed to save you money.

MaineCare: MaineCare is a state-run insurance program that considers income, age, and circumstance (pregnant, parenting, disability) and is based on the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Before you can apply for other financial assistance programs, you must first be denied MaineCare.

Affordable Care Program: We offer our own sliding scale program for patients without insurance, based on the FPL for household income. Recipients pay a fixed fee for services. The program covers office visits, tests, procedures, and medications from PCHC facilities only.

Maine Breast & Cervical Health Program (MBCHP): The MBCHP pays for mammograms and pap smears– and office visits that include them– for women without health insurance coverage for these tests. Uninsured women who are diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer may qualify for MaineCare coverage.

Generic Drugs: We offer a generic drug plan that includes hundreds of the most common and effective medications. Prices are $4 for 30 days; $9 for 90 days, with no annual fee. We will also help you apply for discounts on brand name prescriptions that you cannot afford.

Preventive Medicine/Informed Choice: It is less expensive to prevent disease than to treat it, and to treat a disease earlier rather than later. While our providers will offer recommendations and options for the prevention and treatment of disease, the final decision is always yours.