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Hospital Care

Seaport Community Health Center uses the Hospitalist Service at Waldo County General Hospital for its primary care admissions. Our doctors make social rounds, but let doctors who only work in the hospital manage your hospital care (just like emergency visits are handled, by doctors who only work in the ER).

More complicated or specialized care is referred to Eastern Maine Medical Center (EMMC) in Bangor or the Maine Medical Center (MMC) in Portland. We are very familiar with most of the specialists in these larger institutions, and will do our best to link you with the right doctor for your particular medical needs.

The Hospital Service consists of providers whose sole concern is the care of hospitalized patients. They have access to the electronic medical record at Seaport Family Practice in order to provide continuity and the best possible care. We are notified of your admission and discharge, and receive copies of all documents from your hospital stay. We are available to answer any questions from the attending physician, and we will see you for a follow-up visit immediately after your hospital discharge.

Many (especially older) patients who leave Waldo County General Hospital will spend a few weeks in rehabilitation at one of the local nursing homes, Tallpines or Harbor Hill. Here, we will guide your care and try to promote a speedy recovery and return home. Dr. Carol Kuhn is the Medical Director at Tallpines and visits several times a week at both nursing homes.