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Response Time

A big part of the anxiety of being sick comes from not knowing who to call, when to call, or when you will be called back. At Seaport Community Health Center, we pledge that we will call or see you within the following time frames:

Return your phone callSame Day
See you for an urgent visitWithin 1 business day
Refill a prescriptionWithin 2 business days
Schedule a consultation or testWithin 2 business days
Finish our office notesWithin 2 days
See you for an annual physicalWithin 1 week
Provide test results*Within 2 weeks
Provide office records*Within 2 weeks
Respond to an e-mail**As soon as possible
First visit for new patientsWithin 2 months

* You can always check the Patient Portal, where you can see results and records as soon as we can. You can print them directly from the portal.

** Since e-mail is sent confidentially to its intended recipient, only the person you sent it to will respond. Response time may be delayed by vacation or the overwhelming demands of the work day.